February 10, 2023
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What are 2023 Shipping Industry Trends?

What are 2023 Shipping Industry Trends?

In 2023, the transportation industry will continue to experience an accelerated pace of change primarily due to supply chain issues caused by the lengthy pandemic and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. And in spite of many new entrants to the industry with new products and services that are proving to be challenging to previously entrenched incumbents, the upside of the rapid change is also providing many growth opportunities for businesses that are prepared to meet the challenges.

Here are several major trends to look for in 2023 in the commercial shipping industry.

  1. Companies Are Fiercely Fighting Ongoing Supply Chain Woes
    For the past 2-3 years, anyone who’s tried to order an item online or find certain goods at retail  knows that supply chains are experiencing significant backlogs. Shipping, manufacturing and port delays have become the norm rather than the exception. Fortunately, most companies do acknowledge it will take time to unravel the challenges associated with shipping delays and the supply chain and are implementing processes to overcome them.

  2. Shifting from “Just in Time” to “Just in Case” Inventory
    Businesses need to be prepared for anything and everything, which means having a supply chain that can quickly adapt as needed. Shifting from “just-in-time” to a more stable “just-in-case” model allows brands to respond more timely to supply chain setbacks. Operating with more robust inventory levels will help many companies manage supply chain obstacles and maintain the integrity of fulfillment channels.

  3. Timeliness and Transparency Remain Expected and Crucial
    In spite of continuing supply chain disruptions and ever-changing shipping costs, customers have come to expect fast, accurate, and consistent delivery times. They are also demanding shipment transparency – the process of communicating or making available all the visible information to trading partners, customers, stakeholders, and other industry agencies. Failure to meet these unwritten expectations leads to greater “shopping cart” abandonment and risks customers jumping to a competitor brand.

    In order to continue enhancing the Customer Experience, it's critical to set realistic expectations. Companies that overpromise and underdeliver risk severely damaging their brand loyalty and customer base. Be sure to operate with transparency and trust around all shipment executions to continue building long-term customer relationships.

  4. Forge Strategic Partnerships with Experienced Shippers
    In order to get reliable, expeditious and cost-effective shipping service, it's important to select an experienced shipper who is will a) work with you to overcome supply chain issues, b) help establish the proper level of inventory to combat bumps in the supply chain, and c) set forth a schedule that can be met and allows transparent communication among all shipping parties throughout the shipment process.
At DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express, we have over 40 years of experience supporting customer success with shipping to and from the Hawaiian Islands. We are well established in Hawaii to receive shipments via air and direct ocean service from all West Coast ports to our company-owned assets (trucks, warehousing, distribution, etc.) on the islands of Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island.

Give us a shout! As your partner, we will work closely with your team to tailor the most equitable solution in getting your product from origin to destination seamlessly and expeditiously. Within the US or Canada, we provide air and ocean service, LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) for a simple door-to-door experience.

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