Sailing Schedule

Here are the DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express ocean/sea sailing schedules to and from Hawaii. Schedules are also available for Guam and International shipments:

Shipments to Hawaii

DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express provides service between the ports of Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland and Seattle and all points in Hawaii. There are 5 sailings per week to Hawaii as outlined below. Transit time is generally five days to Honolulu and an additional 2 to 4 days to the outer islands. We feature the latest cut-off times in the freight industry. Call your local office to verify cut-off times for each sailing.

Day/Port Estimated Honolulu Arrival/Delivery
Tuesday - Oakland Sunday/Tuesday
Wednesday - Los Angeles Monday/Tuesday
Wednesday - Oakland Wednesday/Thursday
Saturday - Los Angeles Thursday/Friday
Saturday - Seattle/Portland Saturday/Tuesday
Outer island service from Honolulu is completed via preferred intra-island barge service. Transit times to respective ports are as follows:

From Honolulu
Maui 2 Days
Kauai 2 Days
Hawaii 2 Days
Inter-island barge schedule via Young Brothers.

For LCL shipments from a Hawaiian outer island, it’s required that the freight transition into Honolulu for single container consolidation. Transition time will vary from two to four days depending on origin island and barge connections. Sailing time from Honolulu to Los Angeles is approximately 11 days. Shipments destined for Northern California up to Seattle are routed via truck and additional service days will apply.

For further questions regarding transit times, please contact our Corporate Customer Service Dept., U.S. Toll-free – 800.488.4888, Ext. 2020.

Shipments to Guam

Our affiliate, DGX, provides direct service from the ports of Los Angeles, Oakland and Honolulu to Guam, the Northern Marianas and the Federated States of Micronesia. Transit times are as follows:

Weekly Sailing Cut-Off Day/Port Estimated Guam Arrival/Delivery Transit Time
Monday - Los Angeles Tuesday/Wednesday 14 Days
Monday - Oakland Monday/Tuesday 13 Days
Friday - Honolulu Tuesday/Wednesday 7 Days
Our cut-off times are the latest in the shipping industry. Call our local office to verify cut-off times for each sailing.

Outer island service from Guam is completed via preferred intra-island barge service. Transit times are subject to current, established sailing schedules. Please contact the Guam terminal at 671.649.3333 for the latest intra-island schedule.

International Shipments

Our affiliate DGX also specializes in freight services to international destinations, see our current International Sailing Schedule.

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