July 16, 2019
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How much does it cost to ship a container to or from Hawaii?

June 12, 2019
A common question, when determining how much it costs to ship a container to Hawaii, most of the cost is based on the commodity item(s) being loaded and shipped. Ocean tariffs (import/export taxes) are predicated on content weight; the end use of the commodity: retail, wholesale, personal, or business; the potential of damage of the commodity; etc.

Other important cost-determining considerations are the origin and destination details. For example, if your shipment is originating from the US mainland anywhere at a distance from the west coast, typically your container is transported and loaded onto a rail line. There’s always the option of trucking your container from its origin to the west coast, but it’s usually more expensive. Most intermodal or rail moves get shipped into Los Angeles for subsequent sailings to Hawaii. Mode of transporting shipping containers moving eastbound out of the Hawaiian Islands are also subject to these cost considerations. The rail option vs. the trucking option acts in the reverse once the container lands on the west coast.

With these factors in mind, DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express has the experienced team to assist you and keep your costs to ship a container to or from Hawaii equitable while meeting your expected timeline. Get a quick rate quote for LCL to Hawaii, a rate quote for other shipments, Call us toll free at 800.488.4888, or email us today!


How much does it cost to ship LCL to Hawaii or Guam?

March 29, 2019
There are five major items to consider in determining your overall cost to ship Less than Container Load (LCL) freight shipments to either Hawaii or Guam.
  • Packaging
  • Commodity Being Shipped
  • Measurement of the Freight
  • Special Handling Considerations
  • Shipping Company Dependability
More detail here:
  1. Packaging. Always package your shipments/product to minimize the total space used. LCL shipments are billed based on the space (cubic feet) they use. Saving space with your packaging or wrapping/crating, will determine how much it costs. For example, if you have a small broom you’re shipping, unscrew the handle and save the space by shipping it alongside the broom itself, instead of connected to it.

    Once you’ve minimized your packaging, however, don’t lose sight of proper wrapping and palletizing to avoid potential damage issues as your shipment is traveling thousands of miles in (sometimes) very rough seas.

  2. Commodity Being Shipped. Higher value goods will usually cost more than items of lower value. For instance, food products will cost less to ship than fine furniture based on the risk of damage. Items with a low damage factor will cost less than items that might normally get damaged easily.

    If you can find a freight forwarder to ship a fragile commodity (which usually means new, still in the packaging, not antique or glass, or other items of high value), factor in the cost of insurance. If the cargo is irreplaceable, you will want to pay more and have a crating expert package it. In the end, it’ll cost you less to get it there in one piece than in many.

  3. Measurement of the Freight. Ensure the dimensions of your shipment are accurate and complete. If you obtain a quote based on inaccurate or wrong dimensions, then the actual freight charges could cost you more. Your dimensions should include the highest point, the widest point and longest point of your shipment if palletized or in individual boxes.

    Cubic feet are computed by multiplying the length of the freight in inches by the height of the freight in inches by the width of the freight in inches. Those total inches then get divided by 1,728 inches to determine the total cubic feet of what you’re measuring. If you have multiple pallets, boxes or crates, this process needs to be followed for each pallet, box or crate and then all the cubic feet totaled. This then determines the size of your shipment for pricing purposes. Visit our FAQ #11 for detailed information on how to measure your shipment.

  4. Special Handling Considerations. Determine if your shipment will require special handling or delivery needs at the destination. Something requiring a residential delivery, or to a place of business with an inside delivery, will usually cost more than something delivered curbside. If you need trash taken away after your delivery, it’ll probably cost more if there’s a large volume.

  5. Shipping Company Dependability. Ensure you are working with a company who is reliable and an expert at shipping to Hawaii or Guam. The cheapest quote isn’t always the least expensive by the time your cargo has arrived at its destination.
To find out more about DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express and Dependable Supply Chain Services, please contact us today. With nearly 40 years in the shipping business, we can certainly help you in navigating these waters to get the best value and service for your goods.


Many Factors to Consider Shipping from Hawaii to the US Mainland

February 15, 2019
If you’re located on the outer islands of Hawaii, usually the shipping carrier you chose will move your product shipment to Oahu for consolidation with other similar shipments. Plan on this adding a week or more to the transit time of your eastbound shipment. Once your shipment is on the island of Oahu, the carrier normally will have a container moving back to the US mainland.

The question to ask is “How often does this happen?” With DHX–Dependable Hawaiian Express, freight is moved eastbound into Long Beach, California on a weekly basis, usually on the following Saturday sailing back into Long Beach. Eastbound shipping is slower—eight days on water vs. five days westbound from Long Beach to Honolulu. Some carriers, like DHX–Dependable Hawaiian Express, also offer a more economical bi-weekly option directly to the Pacific Northwest using a barge service. Plan on these ocean transportation times, using this barge service, to be from four-six weeks. See our Ocean Shipping Schedule.

Eastbound shipper rates are normally calculated based on a combination of factors:

  • the type of product being shipped
  • physical dimensions
  • weight
  • specific pick-up area (should you require one)
  • destination delivery requirements
  • whether the place of delivery is a business or residential address
Both pick-up and delivery services may entail use of a forklift and or specialized equipment which will increase your charges. Your shipment packaging may also increase the dimensions of the shipment and hence, the cost. But proper packaging is extremely important to provide additional safety for your valued product. We recommend not skimping on packing in order to save a few dollars on the freight charges. In the long run it will save you time, possible damage and subsequent aggravation. To request a rate quote from us, please use our convenient online rate quoter.

DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express offers a unique package of shipping services. If you need assistance, please reach out to your local DHX–Dependable Hawaiian Express office or call toll free at (800) 488-4888 and we can help. We’re Dependable. From Start to Finish.

What is the cost to ship to Guam?

January 3, 2019
The cost of ocean freight to or from Guam can pose some complexity for a variety of reasons. The following are shipping factors to consider in determining ocean carriage costs. They include:
  • A concise description of the commodity being shipped
  • The weight of the cargo itself
  • Its density (weight divided by cubic feet)
  • The size of the shipment, in total cubic feet
  • Whether or not the goods are considered “hazardous” and require a separate document declaring the hazardous characteristics
  • If the shipment is a full container of freight (FCL) or less than a containerload (LCL)
One of the remaining factors that can affect the cost to ship to Guam is the selected ocean carrier. Only Matson Navigation services Guam directly with a USA stop-off from the Port of Long Beach, CA to Hawaii, providing the fastest transit time – 12 days port to port. DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express uses Matson for ocean shipping to Guam.

Transit times out of the Port of Oakland add an additional four days. American President Lines (APL) also provides ocean service to Guam, however, only from the Port of Long Beach. Its ocean transit time is longer, no less than 23 days, and perhaps longer depending on the vessel the Guam container gets loaded on and the foreign port where unloaded, before being transferred onto a feeder vessel into Guam. In addition, shipments must be tendered a week in advance, thus extending the transit time to at least 30 days.

The cost to ship to Guam also requires the payment of a Use Tax once the goods arrive on Guam. Guam Customs is not responsible for ensuring a Commercial Invoice, on which to base payment of the use tax. The Commercial Invoice is to be provided by the shipper or consignee. Guam Customs requires that all shipments have a complete Commercial Invoice in US$ to process the shipment in Guam. Guam Customs’ responsibility is to apply a 4% Use Tax on all goods entering into Guam that are not intended for resale by a licensed-on Guam business.

Businesses that operate on Guam with a Guam business license will be taxed 4% on all goods shipped into Guam that are not to be resold (not inventory). The 4% tax is calculated based on the cost of goods, insurance and freight cost together (total landed cost). No shipments arriving via ocean freight can be released until the Use Tax payment has been paid.

There are also eastbound services available from Guam to the USA mainland or Hawaii. We can provide additional information for shipping from non-USA origins into Guam.

Another advantage: DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express also offers container load and less than container load services from the Hawaiian Islands to Guam. Contact us today to discuss shipping your freight to Guam with us!


How do I choose between shipping companies to Hawaii?

November 30, 2018
When comparing shipping companies to Hawaii, look for companies with their own assets – trucks, shipping terminals, etc. – who can handle the entire freight move. This saves time, helps reduce miscommunication and increases your odds of your shipment arriving on time and in tact by not having to deal with a number of different companies and agents. Additionally, look for a Hawaiian shipping company that allows you to track your delivery electronically during the move and upon final delivery.

DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express owns its own trucks and shipping terminals on Oahu, Maui and the Kona coast of Hawaii Island. Delivery on Kauai and Hilo is with one of our Dependable Partner carriers who we communicate with which means you are talking with one company vs. multiple shippers. This helps the move go faster and with fewer complications.We pride ourselves in our on-time, intact, deliveries – every time.

DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express also provides you with electronic freight tracking – via email updates and on DHX.com – so you know where your freight is during the stages of movement and final delivery.

To find out more about DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express and Dependable Supply Chain Services, please contact us today. We can certainly help you in navigating these waters to get the best value and service for your goods. Dependable from start to finish.


Reducing the cost of shipping to Hawaii

October 24, 2018
Last month we discussed key factors pertaining to shipping rates to Hawaii and what drives those costs. Now we’d like to help our customers with ideas on how to reduce the shipping cost to Hawaii.

Here are some suggestions:
  1. Reduce damages
    When building your pallets keep freight inside the pallet dimensions, avoid overhang, shrink wrap well and keep the height to a manageable level. Freight travels many miles and handled by forklifts when loaded into trailers and ocean containers along with other freight. Well-built pallets help eliminate damages, the labor cost of filing claims and replacement. Time is money when considering the cost to ship to Hawaii.
  2. Consolidate
    When possible consolidate your freight to eliminate extra pickup and delivery charges. The more freight you ship may also help reduce your costs.
  3. Accurate Information
    When requesting pricing or getting quotes for your shipping to Hawaii, ensure your information is detailed and accurate. Quotes are only as good as the information you provide so make sure you measure and weigh your freight accurately. Nobody wants to go back and increase rates to their customer, so it’s important to do it right the first time when determining how much to ship.
  4. Warehousing
    DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express has broken ground on our new state of the art warehouse in Honolulu with a completion date of April 2019. Warehousing freight for quicker distribution to your customer and avoiding the need for airfreight or lost business due to slow turnaround times, are other options to consider when determining your overall Hawaii shipping rates.
We pride ourselves on building long-term partnerships with our customers, serving as consultants in the spirit of “Ohana” – Hawaiian for family.

DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express looks forward to being your shipping partner to the Hawaiian Islands. To get a rate quote today, please visit either our LCL Quick Rate Quoter online for shipments to Hawaii, use our more detailed online rate quote requestor for all shipments to or from Hawaii, or contact one of our qualified rate analysts today. Mahalo.


What are shipping rates to Guam?

September 19, 2018

When shipping to Guam, finding the lowest shipping rates and price to Guam does not always add up to a savings. When shipping to Guam other items that should be considered in cost savings include how long your shipment will take to arrive to Guam, how quickly the shipment will clear Customs and how soon the shipment will deliver on Guam.

Though these may not be out of the pocket monetary costs to consider when looking at shipping rates to Guam, consider how much money may be lost by not having the shipment in your customer’s hands in the shortest amount of time possible. If it's not on the shelf you cannot sell it. If it's not in your warehouse, you can't deliver it. The possible loss of time can cause delays on a job, with workers standing by idle or machinery down waiting for parts, not making money, or worse your customer elects to buy from another vendor because the product is taking too long to get to him or her.

Another consideration is cash flow to be considered. The sooner the customer receives their product, the sooner you will be paid, reducing the time between when you are paid for the product and when you received your cash back.

With DGX, we offer the latest shipping cut offs for weekly sailings to Guam, with expedited Customs clearance and delivery of shipments within 48 hours of container availability at the port.

When thinking of shipping rates to Guam, think of DGX for value.

What are shipping costs to Hawaii?

August 15, 2018
There are many key factors to consider when calculating your Hawaii shipping costs. Two vital pieces of information:
  1. Exact cubic foot measurement (Length x Width x Height in inches and divided by 1728). It’s necessary when determining the cost to measure the longest points of the freight for each dimension including any overhang on a pallet and the tallest point. You’re paying for the cubic feet used by your shipment so you want to avoid dead space caused by irregular pallets with bulges or pieces sticking out. Think of a square, like a well-built pallet. Exact cubic foot measurements also allows us to determine if your freight should move LCL or FCL, with the best options at time of delivery. Check out our handy Conversion Chart and Freight Calculator to help with these measurements. Also, review Q11, "How do I compute cubic feet" in our FAQ section.
  2. Accurate Commodity Itemization. The next key factor for determining the shipping rate to Hawaii is itemizing the exact types of commodities being shipped. Hawaiian tariffs are very commodity- and density- (pounds per cubic foot) specific, so any commodities not included when obtaining shipping costs, or last minute additions to your order could alter your shipping costs to Hawaii as well as Guam.
DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express strives to be your shipping partner when moving freight to the Hawaiian Islands and Guam with unparalleled, industry leading, quality of service. We strive to ensure your freight arrives intact and on time.  With our vast experience and 38 years of knowledge and expertise, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your shipping needs and offer quality service at competitive rates.

Many factors go into determining your shipping cost to Hawaii so take the time to discuss your freight details with one of our rate analysts or call your local DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Account Executive today!


Helpful tips for container shipping to Hawaii

July 20, 2018
Here are some factors to consider when shipping your freight containers to Hawaii:
  • Is this a single shipment or ongoing project?
  • If a single shipment:
  • Do you need to designate a specific sailing date that is most appropriate to your needs?
  • Or, is your project ongoing and needs to designate a specific sailing date most appropriate to your needs? If you use DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express, we utilize every available weekly sailing:
    • We load and ship to every Hawaiian island direct. (By loading island-direct, transit time to the outer islands is reduced.)
    • We have the experience to reduce handling and related expenses 
    • We limit ocean costs
    • We reduce transit time
  • If an ongoing project, how is it to be managed and consolidated?
  • How is the project to be reported or details to be communicated?
  • What visibility is needed?
  • What percentage of utilization makes it cost effective to ship an exclusive container versus shipping as LCL (Less than Container Load)?
The service team at DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express specializes in container shipping to Hawaii. If you’re looking for a cost efficient way to ship a Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL) to Hawaii, we provide efficient service throughout the U.S. and Canada.

To find out more about DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express and Dependable Supply Chain Services, please contact us today. We can certainly help you in navigating these waters for the best value and service.


Transit time considerations for shipping to Guam

June 12, 2018
What is an acceptable transit time for shipping from the U.S.A. to Guam?

There are two carriers that currently provide ocean service from the U.S.A. to Guam. One carrier has a transit time of two weeks with an arrival of Tuesday every week. The other carrier has a transit time of three weeks with an arrival of Thursday or Friday.

At DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express, via our affiliate DGX, we pride ourselves in moving product for businesses as fast and problem free as possible. Thus we choose the quicker carrier to Guam – the one with the better on-time record. Our carrier has an on-time record of 78%, based on an ETA of 59 minutes or less. The alternate carrier has an on-time record of only 23%, less than one in four of their ships are on time.

DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express also offers the latest cut-off times in the industry to receive freight on the west coast, as well as we offer deliveries in Guam within 48 hours of container availability. This gives you a total transit time from the west coast of 17-18 days. The other carrier would provide a 30-day service from the west coast to Guam, due to earlier carrier cut offs and transshipment through a foreign port. Check out our ocean delivery schedule.

Five options and details to consider when thinking about longer transit times:
  1. Your product availability is delayed meaning you’ll need to keep more inventory in stock. This costs your business more money.
  2. Vendor payments are due just as product is being delivered on Guam, based on net 30 day terms.
  3. Business competitors may receive their product earlier and are able to deliver and complete the sale sooner—thus you lose the sale.
  4. Not having your product before the weekend can affect your total weekend sales.
Four benefits of faster transit times and later cut offs:
  1. Last minute orders can make the same week sailing and arrive in 17-18 days.
  2. Less inventory needed increases profitability.
  3. Having inventory on hand to sell before payments are due to vendors.
  4. More sales and better customer loyalty because you always have inventory in stock.

With slower transportation and lower transportation costs, is it worth the added expense of higher inventory levels and the risk of losing customers and sales waiting for product to arrive?

Call DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express today for a rate and sailing time quote to see how we can save you both time and money.


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