• June 12, 2024

    “DHX has reduced total carbon emissions* 63 percent since their initial baseline audit in 2011,” explained Joe White, owner of GreenWay Miles. “That reduction is even more remarkable when you consider that the emissions of two facilities have been added to the original audit.”

    GreenWay Miles conducted DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express’ first carbon audit in 2012 for operating year 2011. At that time, total carbon emissions were 1,369 tons for the five warehouses originally included. The most recent audit (2023 full year operations) calculated carbon emissions at only 509 tons.

    “We measure our footprint every year,” explained Kane McEwen, President of DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express, “and since 2020 have purchased offsets that allow us to operate seven warehouse facilities on a carbon neutral basis.”

    Each year location managers collect and report energy consumption from their facility’s use of natural gas, fuel oil, propane, service vehicles and electricity. GreenWay Miles uses that data to calculate tons of carbon emissions from each energy source. Once calculated, DHX purchases carbon offsets in amounts equal to what each location has emitted in the year audited, providing them the ability to operate those facilities on a carbon natural basis.

    “Audits provide the metrics needed to define how effectively we are reducing our emissions,” explained Kane. “All of our larger facilities are solar powered and that has contributed significantly to our emissions reduction.”

    GreenWay Miles commends DHX President Kane McEwen continued commitment to track and reduce carbon emissions at his warehouse facility. “Providing carbon neutral operations at our warehouses is simply the right thing to do”, said Mr. McEwen, “for our customers, our environment and the generations that follow.”

    Joe White
    Owner, GreenWay Miles

    * Carbon offsets are investments in projects that reduce carbon emissions.

  • Dear DHX,

    DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express 2023 ULINE awardIt is with immense pride and gratitude that we announce your selection as the 2023 Exceptional Performance Award! This prestigious award recognizes exceptional performance across several key areas, and your team consistently delivers on all fronts.

    • Exemplary Customer Service: Your commitment to on-time, error-free deliveries consistently meet and often exceeds customer expectations, upholding Uline’s reputation for superior service.

    • Technological Innovation: Your proactive adoption of carrier technology has streamlined your operations and improved efficiency for Uline, benefiting both our companies.

    • Partnership and Dedication: You consistently go above and beyond, exceeding expectations through outstanding service and demonstrating a true commitment to supporting Uline and our customers’ needs.

    We are incredibly grateful for your team’s dedication and contributions, which are the backbone of our ability to deliver legendary service. You should all take immense pride in this well-deserved recognition.

    Congratulations once again on being named the 2023 Exceptional Performance Award! We sincerely appreciate your continued partnership and look forward to achieving even greater success together in the years to come.


    Angelo Ventrone
    VP of Logistics

  • DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express Quest for Quality Award for Western Regional LTL CarrierThe staff at Peerless Research Group (PRG) and Logistics Management magazine are pleased to inform you that your company is a recipient of a 2023 Quest for Quality Award.

    For nearly four decades, Logistics Management’s Quest for Quality Award has been regarded in the transportation and logistics industry as the highest measure of customer satisfaction and performance excellence.

    What makes the Quest for Quality stand out among all other industry awards is the simple fact that the winners are determined by Logistics Management readers, qualified buyers of transportation and logistics services, who put their carrier and service partners to the test around the clock, around the country, and around the world.

    The results of our Quest for Quality survey is the culmination of a six-month undertaking in which 3,512 ballots were cast for the "best of the best" in service excellence across a number of criteria—and your company has been recognized for its outstanding performance during these unprecedented times.

    Michael Levans
    Group Editorial Director
    Supply Chain Group, Peerless Media

    Brian Beaudette
    Director of Research
    Peerless Research Group

  • DHX Ohana!

    DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express ULINE testimonialIt is with an abundance of pride I share this phenomenal accomplishment! As a result of your attention to detail and unparalleled teamwork, our customer partner ULINE has presented us with their 2022 Exceptional Performance Award!

    On behalf of the Executive Team and myself, thank you all.

    Being in the Hawaii trade lane generally doesn’t allow us an opportunity for national recognition such as this. It’s a true compliment knowing our efforts are appreciated and recognized as an unwavering commitment to provide ULINE, a most valued partner, and their customers with the seamless quality service they have grown to expect.

    Mahalo! We are the best in our industry and continue to prove it every day.

    Thank you,

    Angelo Ventrone
    VP of Logistics

  • FYI, I absolutely love this website. I hate the emails going back and forth for quoting smaller shipments, this is such an easy process. In fact, I’ve giving you more smaller orders just because it doesn’t justify my time to shop around. If I find cheaper freight quotes from other companies, the price difference doesn’t justify my time searching. You are becoming my one stop shop for LCL.

    Kind Regards,

    Katheryn Symington
    Purchasing Manager

  • Great customer service and can find great ways to save on shipping. As a full disclaimer, I recommend multiple quotes on every shipment, but if the prices are in the ballpark, these folks will provide service light years beyond others.


    Steve Haumschild
    CRO and Brewmaster

  • I just want to express how pleased and impressed I have been with the service I have received from DHX. From the very beginning everything was explained clearly leaving no question in my mind the level of exemplary service I would receive.

    My local account executive, the office staff and even the delivery drivers are all extremely efficient and helpful. I even get notified when my products are being picked up at the dock and asked when a delivery can be set up.

    I would recommend DHX to anyone needing to have merchandise picked up on the mainland and/or shipped to Hawaii. They even do storage and home deliveries.

    THANK YOU DHX for being a wonderful freight forwarder.

    With my warmest aloha…

    Tracy Akerman signature
    Tracy Akerman

  • Dependable Hawaiian Express (DHX) has won our business over their competition by providing excellent, timely service by their friendly. well-trained customer service staff. DHX has coordinated transportation logistics on our behalf from all points on the mainland. We rely on them exclusively to deliver our products on time and in good condition. Their consistent high standard of service enables us to provide our clients with a reliable timeframe to expect their products and schedule installation.

    I would highly recommend DHX to any business or individual needing transport services locally or to and from the mainland.


    April Giannelli signature

    April Giannelli

  • Over the past several years Dependable Hawaiian Express has been an integral part of our supply chain in the Hospitality Industry. They continue to meet the challenges of delivering quality goods in a timely manner from suppliers to properties at competitive prices. The data quality is a key part in our operation and DHX delivers here as well.

    DHX relationships over the years with warehouse and installation providers in Hawaii has given them a competitive advantage. They have provided us with flexibility when timing becomes critical due to changes in construction schedules.

    The staff at DHX is very knowledgeable and gives us the confidence that they are truly an extension of our business. Their dedication and attention to details ensures they are doing it right the first time. Whether it’s large projects or spot quotes, the speed and accuracy of documented quotes and invoices is best in class.

    It is with full confidence that DHX will continue to be our primary source of logistics services for our Hawaiian property new builds and renovations. We look forward to many more successful years working with the team.


    Logistics Manager

  • I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and the Honolulu DHX team for the consistent and reliable customer service that we’ve been taught to expect from you since the beginning of our partnering in the effort of serving the transportation needs of the Hawaii marketplace.

    There are a number of “critical elements” that make a company successful in any endeavor, but the most important of these are the human resources that can be brought to bear to plan, coordinate, communicate, and solve problems. We always rely on our own staff to do this effectively, but it is such a bonus when we can find a service group like yours that can truly function as an extension of our own “ohana” in that effort. It simply makes all of our jobs easier, and it gives a sense of seamlessness and continuity to the product that we have on offer as a common carrier.

    Please pass along our thanks to all concerned in the DHX group, not only on Oahu, but on Maui, the Big Island, and your contractors on Kauai. We couldn’t be where we are today without partners like you.

    Yours Very Truly,

    Richard Maxwell signature

    Richard Maxwell
    Vice President, General Manager

  • We use DHX for ALL of our incoming and outgoing freight needs. We have been pleased with DHX’s pricing and their efficiency from request of pick up to the time of delivery. Staff is courteous & always willing to accommodate our needs.


    Laurie Llanes Mattos signature

    Laurie Llanes Mattos

  • Our company has over 25 years of Staging experience and offers a full line of state-of-the-art Video, Audio, Staging & Set Design. 50% of our business is in Hawaii and 50% mainland and international. Reliable shipping and transport is key to the success of our business.

    We prefer to use DHX over other freight companies because they have shown they can meet the demanding needs of a touring AV Company. Barry Takahashi took the time to learn about and understand our business needs. DHX offers competitive prices. They provide the most timely responses to inquiries in the industry. From sales to dispatch, DHX provides friendly customer service.


    Heather Bailey signature

    Heather Bailey

  • DHX truly represents what they claim to be in the business name. Being dependable is a huge part of being in business and we have found DHX to be dependable, professional and flexible.

    Throughout the years we have shipped thousands of shipments from several West Coast ports and the customer service provided by DHX has been excellent no matter where we have come in touch with them. The few problems we experienced have been handled promptly and professionally. As a local business owner I strongly recommend DHX to others and do so without any hesitation.



  • The Account Executives at DHX have always provided excellent Customer Service. They’ve always obtained competitive freight rates and quick follow up for any problems or questions we’ve had. The Administrative Staff at DHX has also provided quality service. It has been a rewarding experience dealing with DHX.

  • We are pleased to recommend DHX to your company. Over the past ten years, we have worked directly with David Bartelt, Vice President of Corporate Accounts, and numerous employees on their customer service and dispatch team. Their services and prompt responses are top-notch, and we have been very pleased with the work they’ve done for us. Each member always goes above and beyond for us. We could not ask for a better support team or a better group of people to have the opportunity for a partnership.

    We move containers out of Long Beach, CA going to various locations in Hawaii weekly. We have dedicated resources throughout the DHX team and as our needs change DHX has always made transitioning smooth and seamless therefore is always available to accommodate our ever changing needs.

    Through the years DHX has always been an excellent partner and we recommend them without hesitation, and believe that you would feel the same.


    Renee Garza signature

    Renee Garza
    Director of Business Development

  • Our company prides itself in providing exceptional, unique products to various world markets. This is only possible by aligning our self with organizations that strive for a parallel level of excellence and which possess similar belief systems and ethics.

    In order to provide our premium products we use DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express and DGX-Dependable Global Express for our transportation needs. This strategic partnership aids our ability to remain competitive in our ever-changing marketplace. DHX has a wide range of premium services that are able to fulfill our company’s shipping requirements worldwide via ocean or air.

    Thank you,


    GWM signature


  • We call DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express, just what it is…a friendly, reliable, and super dependable source.

    We are an independent wholesale distributor of pet foods and pet shampoo. We ship full containers as well as single pallets.

    On any given moment, when our products are shipped, you can bet that our products are handled, packed and cared for with minimal damage. Shipping is always on time and service with the staff is impeccable.

    We recommend Dependable Hawaiian Express to anyone, any day. It’s nice to know that about your shipper. We’re happy with DHX.


  • We have done business with Dependable Hawaiian Express for more than ten years. DHX has provided us with many outstanding years of service and we value our partnership with DHX.

    DHX provides us with exceptional reliability and customer service, and all of my dealings with the firm have been positive and of great benefit to our company and our customer base. In particular DHX has done an excellent job supporting our retail channel, which is some of our most demanding business.

    I am confident that doing business with the experts at DHX is a decision you will not regret.


    Candace Holowicki signature

    Candace A. Holowicki

  • As has been our history, even though you’re in Los Angeles and we’re located in Hawaii, your working relationship with us has been very accommodating. You have always been there for us, willing to care for the needs of our company. In addition to the great service your company provides, you are one of the reasons we continue to use DHX for our ocean freight needs. It’s one thing to just deliver freight; entirely another to take care of clients when disputes arise.

    Recently, when we had a dispute with a freight charge, you worked tirelessly to help to resolve our conflict. Other freight companies we’ve dealt with have simply dismissed our appeals and had an attitude that we should just “take it or leave it”. Not so in this case. And, not only this case but in all of our dealings with DHX personnel, everyone seems to have the same attitude, that of accommodating the client’s needs.

    Thanks again for taking such great care of us! You represent a great company well.


    Account Executive

  • I have been a customer of DHX and The Dependable Companies for 16+ years!

    The freight business is complex to say the least, there are literally many moving parts. I feel that it is unreasonable to expect absolute perfection. Most any freight company can get things right on a good day. The reason I am writing this is to explain why it is that our company actively chooses DHX as our strategic freight forwarder partner every day … simply put, it’s the quality of their people!

    Over the many years we have tried other freight forwarding companies and some big national names, too! But when there is a problem, can you trust in the person on the other end of the phone to have the experience to think a problem through, take action, and get results that you can count on, that your business and your own customers can rely on?

    For us, DHX is big enough with locations where we need them around the globe, yet small enough to have quality people answer the phone where ever in the world we have called, be it all across the Pacific, Asia or any terminal in North America.

    DHX helps our business to be profitable with rates and service that we count on every day!

    Thank you DHX for your continued support!


    Jeff Pompadur signature

    Jeff Pompadur, CTC
    Ceramic Tile Consultant

  • I would like to THANK ALL of you for your help and cooperation. You made it happen. Hopefully we can get more business from our customers as Your Service Was Excellent.

    Thanks again!!!

    Best Regards,

    Ismara G.

  • I want to draw your attention to the continued outstanding service that we receive from DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express.

    In particular, Kanani Ortiz has provided consistently outstanding support, patience, and understanding through several large consolidations this past year and also in the current year.

    We are currently consolidating for one model home, in Kona, which will be shipping Wednesday, and are starting the consolidation for three model homes on Maui, which will be shipped at the end of the month. We also would like to recognize and compliment Liani Aupiu for her knowledge and attention to detail.

    She has saved us from several mistakes on the part of our shippers that would have been costly otherwise. You and I are both fortunate that we have these employees to support us.


    Ronald R.

  • Let me say that because of the direct contact I personally had with a Ms. Vanessa Wilkins, we will be using DHX again in the future.

    As a 550-year-old attorney and businessman, both on the mainland and here in Hawaii, I can honestly state that I have NEVER experienced the level of politeness, caring attitude, and professionalism in any customer service representative, as that exhibited by Ms. Wilkins. From our first conversation and continuing with all subsequent contacts, Ms. Wilkins gave me the impression she genuinely cared about our situation regarding our shipment. Her calm demeanor and professional attitude kept me calm and provided me with a sense that your firm was doing all it could to locate our shipment.

    Ms. Wilkins is one of those rare employees that quietly and effectively contribute so much to the customer service side of business. She is clearly an asset to your firm and she should be commended for her outstanding customer service.

    My best wishes and Aloha to you and your customer service people, and in particular, Ms. Wilkins.

    Kind regards,

    J. G.

  • We prefer to use DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express over other freight companies not only because of your competitive pricing and quick responses to our questions, but you also go the extra mile to complete our special requests.


  • You are one of our preferred transportation vendors.

    You have proven to be an asset to our company and our customers.

    Through your dedication in customer service, operational excellence in California as well as Hawaii and your willingness to adjust to the customer’s needs, we would highly recommend DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express as a total transportation partner. As our business grows, we anticipate that you will be playing an integral part in our future planning.


  • Our company, founded in 1976, is a wholesale distributor with warehouses in Honolulu and Kahului. Our products stocked in Hawaii include pumps, filter, heaters and pool chemicals.

    DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express has been our preferred freight forwarder for surface shipments from U.S. mainland, as well as outbound freight to Guam. Our shipments range from single pallets to full-load 45’ containers, handled from numerous vendor locations around our country.

    You have consistently demonstrated that you can competently handle freight needs in a timely manner, while providing competitive rates.

    Your customer service is top notch. We have also benefited from the excellent support of your sales reps, including Bill Lane, our account manger, for over ten years.

    We can recommend Dependable Hawaiian Express, without reservation, to any growing business in Hawaiian.


  • We have used your services since ‘97. Your “one-stop” shop offers flexibility and reduces the administration time managing our vendors.

    Your customer service offers fast response time and makes us feel like “one of the team”.

    Your efforts have been a major contributor to our company’s success. We can confidently recommend DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express not only as a solid and reliable supplier and also as an expert in your field! We consider you a partner in our logistics infrastructure.