Starting as a single truck operation, Dependable Trucking, we’ve grown into one of the most respected Less Than Container Load (LCL), truckload and harbor drayage carriers in the shipping business. In addition to diversified trucking services, we provide international, domestic ocean and air freight forwarding; public warehousing; intermodal services; harbor drayage; complete third party logistics (3PL) services and supply chain consulting.

  • Harry Massman starts his own delivery company with a single bobtail truck.
  • Ron Massman joins his father at Dependable Trucking (DT).
  • Dependable Trucking acquires Freight Transport and initiates public warehousing and harbor drayage services.
DDC - Dependable Distribution Centers logo
  • Galaxy Distribution warehouse opens in Los Angeles, later to be renamed Dependable Distribution Centers (DDC)
  • Bob Massman joins his father and brother at DT.
  • DT initiates ocean freight forwarding service from California to Hawaii.
DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express logo
  • Ron Massman forms new company, Dependable Hawaiian Express, Inc. (DHX), an ocean freight forwarder serving Hawaii.
  • DHX expands services to Guam, after acquiring Seaway Distribution, an ocean freight forwarder serving Hawaii and Guam.
  • Dependable Hawaiian Express, Inc. changes its name to DHX, Inc.
DHE - Dependable Highway Express logo
  • Dependable Trucking changes its name to Dependable Highway Express (DHE), Inc.
  • DHE expands into regional truckload service, by acquiring Interlines Trucking, a regional and local LTL/truckload carrier.
  • DHX expands into the Pacific Northwest by opening its Seattle terminal.
  • DHX opens trucking service in Guam.
  • DHE initiates Statewide LTL service with the acquisition of SOS, Inc. in San Leandro.
  • DHX opens trucking service in Honolulu.
Go Dependable family of companies logo
  • DHE acquires 1.5 million square-foot-distribution warehouse in Los Angeles, CA from Sears, opening the largest public warehouse facility under one roof in the United States. This becomes the Dependable family corporate headquarters.
  • DHX acquires Pan Oceana Freight Forwarding, increasing its Guam presence.
DLS - Dependable Logistics Solutions
  • Dependable Distribution Centers opens public warehouse/distribution facility in Oakland, CA.
  • Company announces new division Dependable Logistics Solutions (DLS), and initiates 3PL (third-party logistics) service.
  • DHX acquires 105,000 square foot distribution facility in Rancho Dominguez, CA, which becomes DHX Corporate headquarters and Southern California operations platform.
  • DHX acquires Lahaina Cartage and opens trucking service in Maui.
DAX - Dependable AirCargo Express logo
  • DHX announces new air freight forwarding division, later to become Dependable AirCargo Express (DAX).
  • DHE purchases Freight Train Trucking, expanding regional truckload division into Texas.
  • DHE purchases truck terminal in Vernon, California to domicile truckload and harbor drayage divisions.
  • DHX achieves International Standards Organization (ISO) Certification.
  • DHX expands service to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong, after acquiring ocean freight forwarder Transitainer.
  • DHX opens strategic consolidation locations throughout the Continental U.S.
  • DHE acquires LTL carrier Merchants Delivery Systems and opens terminals in Ontario and Ventura, CA.
  • DHE opens LTL trucking terminal in Stockton, California.
  • DDC purchases Loyalty Warehouse, a public warehouse in Commerce, CA specializing in grocery and natural food storage.
  • DHE introduces terminal in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ via purchase of LTL carrier Saf–T Way Trucking.
  • DHE adds dedicated temperature–controlled service after acquiring truckload carrier Ultrans.
  • DHX opens office in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • DHX opens offices in Chicago, New York, Sydney and Melbourne.
  • DHE introduces terminal in Fresno, California after acquiring Shane Transportation’s LTL business.
  • DHX expands service offerings to include US Imports.
DGX-Dependable Global Express logo
  • DHX expands service to the South Pacific after acquiring Summit Cargo and opening offices in American Samoa and Tonga.
  • DHX opens office in Hong Kong.
  • DHX spins off its international business and creates a new company named Dependable Global Express (DGX).
  • DHX, Inc. changes its name to DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express, Inc.
  • DGX Japan is established with an office in Tokyo.
  • DGX opens an office in Shanghai.
  • DGX opens an office in Singapore.
  • DHE acquires regional truckload carrier Intercal Contract Carriers and opens additional truckload operations in Sacramento, CA.
  • DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express acquires Cavalry Express, a Chicago–based air freight forwarder.
  • DLS acquires third party logistics (3PL) provider Highway Express and adds IMC rail service.
  • DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express acquires HT&T and opens trucking operations in Kona, Hawaii.
  • DHE acquires Sacramento CA based LTL carrier Rath Trucking.
  • DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express spins off airfreight business, creating a new company called Dependable AirCargo Express (DAX).
  • DGX opens a Customs Bonded CFS in Southern California.
  • DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express acquires its Guam Terminal and purchases land to build terminals in Maui and Kona.
  • DHE purchases assets of Pomona–based truckload carrier, Golden Eagle Express, and adds truckload service to and from Mexico
  • DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express becomes a C-TPAT member and licensed Customs Broker.
  • DGX opens offices in Manila and Jakarta.
  • DHE purchases a fleet of green tractors, acquires harbor drayage carrier J & M Express, Inc. in Gardena, CA.
  • The Dependable Companies corporate brand is established to encompass all Dependable divisions and companies.
  • DGX acquires C&H Express, expanding LCL shipping off the West Coast to Latin America.
  • DDC acquires warehousing company Logistics 2000.
  • DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express opens our new Maui and Kona facilities.
  • DHE purchases LTL carrier Matheson Fast Freight, expanding freight service in CA, AZ and NV.
  • The Dependable Companies places solar panels on its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles creating the world’s largest solar grid on an industrial high–rise building.
  • DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express’s Maui Terminal converts to solar energy.
  • DDC acquires the business of Atlant, Inc., a Rancho Dominguez, CA based warehouse and trucking company.
  • DGX opens its Malaysia office.
  • DHE acquires CAN Transport, Inc., a Carson, CA based drayage and warehouse company.
  • DHE acquires the business of Classic Carriers, Inc., a Northern CA based frozen food carrier.
  • DGX & DAX acquire ocean and air business of NOVO Express International, expanding into the Middle East.
  • DHE acquires 3Zone Logistics a 100,000 square foot warehouse in Carson, CA providing public, Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) and customs bonded warehousing, as well as overweight container devanning and transloading services.
  • DGX Guam Terminal converts to solar energy.
  • DGX opens office in Mumbai expanding international services to and from India.
  • DAX acquires DGX and changes its name to DGX.
  • DGX implements “CargoWise One”—an ecologically-friendly logistics software for increased productivity; and improved integration, automation and communication with the supply chain. Importantly, it allowed our Import Department to go paperless.
  • DGX and DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express warehouses’ are certified “Carbon Neutral,” in accordance with its company-wide commitment to continuous expansion of its eco-friendly efforts.
  • DGX and DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express become ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  • DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express completes construction and opens a wholly-owned Honolulu Warehouse and Distribution Center fully powered with solar paneling.
  • The Company acquires Hawaiian Express Services Inc, an 85-year-old company in the Hawaii/Guam ocean freight forwarding Industry. The acquisition enables DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express to expand its existing dry and refrigerated ocean service to Hawaii and enter the ocean forwarding industry to Alaska.
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