September 19, 2022
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What Are Shipping Costs to Hawaii?

What are shipping costs to Hawaii blog

Many factors need to be determined to estimate shipping costs to Hawaii. Probably the most important factor is knowing when the shipment needs to arrive in Hawaii.

In addition to timing, the other key factors that determine shipping rates are:

  • A clear description of the item(s) to be shipped
  • The origin zip code of the pick-up including specific details or special equipment that will be required
  • The destination zip code of where the shipment is being delivered including delivery details and equipment requirements
  • Precise weight and dimensions of the shipment: length, width, and height
For a Quick Rate Quote on ocean shipping Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipments to Hawaii, visit here.

You might also have special circumstances that will affect how much it will cost to get your shipment to Hawaii including:

Once all of these factors have been identified, the most realistic cost can be determined by working with your shipping partner as early as possible when requesting a rate quote. Crucial characteristics of a freight forwarder are experience, trustworthiness, track record and cost-efficiency.

At DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express, we have over 40 years of experience helping our customers to ship to/from the Hawaiian Islands. We are well established in Hawaii to receive shipments via direct ocean service from all West Coast ports to our company-owned assets (trucks, warehousing, distribution, etc.) on the islands of Oahu Maui and the Big Island.

If you decide to give us a try, we’ll be the shipping partner who works closely with you to figure out the most cost-effective solution in getting your shipment from origin to destination seamlessly and expeditiously. Within the US or Canada, we’ll help you determine if the shipment requires a full container (Full Container Load/FLC), or if it can be shipped with other cargo (Less than Container Load/LCL) for a worry-free door-to-door experience.

If time is of the essence, we can also provide the option of air freight service from anywhere in the US:

  • To obtain an ocean quote, call (800) 488-4888 ext. 2017 or email us here.
  • For an air freight quote, call (800) 700-3858 or email us here.

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