February 4, 2022
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How to get commercial ocean shipments to their destination faster? Consider shipping by air freight...

DGX Consider shipping by air freight blog

Air freight is used to transport goods over a long distance in a short period of time.
You’ve seen the photos of freight container ships stalled in ports as the pandemic continues its massive disruption in global supply chains, challenging practically every industry here at home and around the globe.

Shipping and delivery companies are scrambling to fill the needs of customers and clients. Assuming you’re experiencing the same obstacles, we strongly recommend considering air freight vs. ocean freight as an expeditious and reliable option.

What challenges can air freight solve for you?
  1. Speed
    • You need that special replacement part now
    • You have perishables and products with a short shelf life
  2. Reliability
    • Your business requires reliable departure and arrival times
  3. Cost Efficiency
    • Less packaging is required for shipments
    • Insurance premiums will likely be less
    • More security and reduced risk of theft and damage
    • And lower need for warehousing and on-hand inventory
Understanding potential shipping issues is crucial to keeping your business viable.
Shipping and delivery obstacles can include:
  1. COVID-19 regulations and requirements
  2. Miscommunication
  3. Delivery delays
  4. Dependencies on available people and equipment
  5. Labor and union labor shortages
  6. The inability to manage multiple customers’ requests
  7. Keeping customers updated
  8. Delivering goods without damage
  9. High increased delivery costs

Every air shipment starts with an expedited transit pickup that goes to the flight’s departure airport for air processing and tender at the cargo facility. You’ll need careful guidance, especially during these trying transportation times, to help you handle all of the air freight logistics from pickup to delivery.

How is it we’re so knowledgeable about commercial goods transportation? Our sister companies, DGX-Dependable Global Express and the Dependable Companies have decades of experience specializing in domestic and global air freight service. Because we own much of our own equipment in the US we can help ensure reliability for shipments going out from the US, across the US, or incoming from other countries.

We offer a unique package of shipping services. With air as one option, our experienced team of professionals will determine the solution that best fits your needs and expectations.

If you’d like to explore shipping via air vs. ocean, please reach out to one of our local DGX offices, or call toll-free 1.800.700.3858, and we can help.

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