April 21, 2023
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How Do I Choose Between Shipping Companies to Hawaii?

How to Choose Between Commercial Shipping Companies container ship blog

When looking at commercial shipping companies that service Hawaii, it’s advisable to look for companies with:

  1. Operations and facilities on the islands.
    A logical choice is a service provider with assets on the islands – trucks, terminals, equipment, etc. Look for shipping companies who can seamlessly handle every detail of your shipment from door to door.

    A full service operation helps to:
    • Reduce transit times
    • Minimize handling of cargo
    • Maintain the integrity of your shipment
    • Ensure consistent arrival times on the islands

  2. A comprehensive understanding of local business.
    It’s critical to find a shipper with extensive knowledge of all the logistical challenges unique to doing business locally in Hawaii.

    Whether your shipment is delivered to a mall, hotel, military base, residence; or requires a container delivery to a business on a street as narrow such as a residential street, choosing a shipper with the expertise relevant to this market and the diversity in equipment is essential to effective and claims-free handling.

  3. Transparent tracking throughout the shipping process.
    Another important factor is the tracking or “visibility” of your shipment, especially when your shippers can be thousands of miles away.

    With a comprehensive tracking ability including automatically-generated email status reports, you know where your freight is during every movement of the shipping process – from pickup to the final delivery stages.

We invite you to try DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express, proudly serving the Hawaiian commercial shipping community for over 43 years. We have our own trucks and shipping terminals on the islands. We provide our customers with tailor-made equitable solutions. And quite importantly, we have a long track record of providing on-time, intact deliveries.

We welcome you to contact us and learn more about DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express. We can help you navigate these waters to get the best value and service for your goods.

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