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Dear Valued Customer:


As follow up to our February 26 update we have been informed by Matson Navigation Company (“Matson”) that their vessel schedules are being further adjusted.


Hawaii -


The Kauai V012W - Has been activated from reserve status to sail Oakland Wednesday afternoon, February 27 arriving in Honolulu Sunday evening, March 3.


The Manoa V409W - Is scheduled to sail Oakland Thursday morning, February 28 to arrive in Honolulu Monday morning, March 4.


The Daniel K. Inouye V008W - Is scheduled to sail Oakland Thursday afternoon, February 28 and arrive in Long Beach Friday, March 1. The Long Beach departure will be Saturday afternoon, March 2 for a scheduled Honolulu arrival of Wednesday evening March 6.


The Maunalei V132W - Departure is delayed as repairs will require additional time to complete. Departure out of Long Beach is now projected to be Friday morning, March 1 arriving in Honolulu Tuesday afternoon, March 5. As a result we have moved certain freight booked to the Maunalei V132W to sail Thursday, February 28 out of Oakland on the Manoa V409W to minimize the delay.



The updated vessel schedule adjustments are listed in the details below.



Kauai V012W


Oakland Departure: Wednesday afternoon, February 27


Honolulu Arrival: Sunday evening, March 3

Manoa V409W

Oakland Departure: Thursday morning, February 28


Honolulu Arrival: Monday morning, March 4



Daniel K. Inouye V008W


Oakland Departure: Thursday evening, February 28


Long Beach Arrival: Friday afternoon, March 1


Long Beach Departure: Saturday afternoon, March 2


Honolulu Arrival: Wednesday evening, March 6



Maunalei V132W

Long Beach Departure: Friday morning, March 1


Honolulu Arrival: Tuesday afternoon, March 5

The Hawaii neighbor island barge schedules will be adjusted to minimize delays to cargo availability.



Guam/Saipan/Okinawa/South Pacific - As soon as these are known we will update you with a new schedule.


Our trucking operations in Hawaii, Guam and the South Pacific islands will do everything in their power to expedite the handling of your shipments to minimize any further delay.


Should you have additional questions, please contact your local representative or Customer Service at our corporate office at 1-800-488-4888 or 1-310-537-2000, Ext. 2020.


Thank you in advance for your understanding. We apologize for any inconvenience.