June 12, 2019
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How much does it cost to ship a container to or from Hawaii?

DHX how much to ship a container to/from Hawaii blog A common question, when determining how much it costs to ship a container to Hawaii, most of the cost is based on the commodity item(s) being loaded and shipped. Ocean tariffs (import/export taxes) are predicated on content weight; the end use of the commodity: retail, wholesale, personal, or business; the potential of damage of the commodity; etc.

Other important cost-determining considerations are the origin and destination details. For example, if your shipment is originating from the US mainland anywhere at a distance from the west coast, typically your container is transported and loaded onto a rail line. There’s always the option of trucking your container from its origin to the west coast, but it’s usually more expensive. Most intermodal or rail moves get shipped into Los Angeles for subsequent sailings to Hawaii. Mode of transporting shipping containers moving eastbound out of the Hawaiian Islands are also subject to these cost considerations. The rail option vs. the trucking option acts in the reverse once the container lands on the west coast.

With these factors in mind, DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express has the experienced team to assist you and keep your costs to ship a container to or from Hawaii equitable while meeting your expected timeline. Get a quick rate quote for LCL to Hawaii, a rate quote for other shipments, Call us toll free at 800.488.4888, or email us today!

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