April 28, 2013
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Customer Communications is as Important as Moving Freight

Most companies have business models and strategies these days. There are different avenues a company can take insofar as pricing, the quality of the product or service they offer, how they position themselves in the marketplace for their industry, etc. Here at DHX – Dependable Hawaiian Express, we have always believed that communicating with our Customers is as important as moving freight. We want to make our Customer’s logistics challenges and product transportation simple- which is why our business purpose has been defined as “To make shipping and logistics EASY for our Customers, while solving any challenges.”

To do this, we have defined the parameters within which we offer value to our shipping Customers. We believe that there is a combination of shipping service levels to Hawaii and Guam plus rates which will equal the best value for each individual Customer. That’s what we sell to our Customers - that combination of our premium quality service plus competitive rates which equals their best value.

How do we do this? First we listen. That may sound like a cliché, but we have more “boots on the ground” constantly visiting and communicating with our Customers. We also realize that we have in excess of 50 different points of contact with our Customers – every point being a unique experience for the shipper, consignee or third party involved. At each point, our goal is simple – to ensure the Customer leaves that point of contact believing they are dealing with an outstanding company who has their act together, and is professional, knowledgeable, efficient and effective.

The second thing we do is establish multiple methods of communications with our Customers. Whether it’s communicating through EDI, email, fax, via our website by Live Chat, Newsflashes, or “What’s New” Letters, all ears are open constantly, consistently saying “We’re here, we’re listening – how can we help?” You now have 24/7 access to rate quoting for Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipments through “Quick Quote” on our website because you asked for a quick way to receive a quote on your LCL shipments, even after normal business hours. Communication is one of our key strengths and has evolved into a major focal point for everyone in our company.

Communications is a major product service feature for our shipping and logistics business. Another service value is operational excellence. Communications is great, but if your shipment gets to its destination but not on time, we have failed in providing a key value we hold dearly for Customers.

How do we ensure success? One facet: internal communications. Owning our own trucking operations in the major port cities in both Hawaii and Guam, allows us to obtain what we need to analyze our loading ability and any issues which may arise with your shipment. We receive constant feedback from destination locations and analyze this with photos taken both at origin and destination, video cameras that line our docks at our origins, and meetings to discuss any potential problems.

We focus on eliminating damages. Knowing part of our value offering is based on moving shipments as damage free as possible – it makes shipping to either Hawaii or Guam easier for everyone involved. Because of the longer transport times to Hawaii and Guam, this is critical. We believe operational excellence is also a core competency that has helped us establish a reputation over the years that is unparalleled in the freight forwarding industry to Hawaii and Guam. We make shipping easy!

So, ask yourself – what’s your value proposition? If you know it, and you’re not a Customer, call us. We’ll listen and try to match up. We call it a win/win. So will you.

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