July 21, 2016
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America is great and can be better

We at DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express and Dependable Global Express try to be “apolitical.”

Someone asked me why we sponsored the radio coverage in Hawaii of the Republican Debates leading up to their national convention. The debates and related primary process are healthy for America. Plus I believed it was the best use of our advertising dollars.

Given the manner in which the candidates were bashing each other, complete with name-calling, derogatory remarks and other “misbehavior,” it was incredibly astonishing, humorous and sad entertainment. We were surprised by the bitterness of the rhetoric, but found the various scenarios enlightening and the unfolding thoroughly entertaining. For our advertising dollar, I felt it was good use of our monies with great exposure.

We’re getting ready to sponsor the Democratic Convention, too. This time we’re sponsoring the Democratic Convention so our Democrat Party constituency out there among our customers does not feel we’re playing favorites. We’re not. We’re balanced.

I have two main thoughts about what I have been listening to in the past few months:

  • The Office of the Presidency is one of the most powerful positions in the world. It should not be disrespected. Those running for office should act the part, so as to not reduce the office in stature or reputation.
  • Being president of both DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express and DGX (Dependable Global Express) I have traveled the world. A conclusion reached, and I know I am biased: America is the greatest country of all the countries I have been to. Others are good, but honestly, our freedoms, rights, and processes of civilization including the flow of foods, medicines and trade are unparalleled in the rest of the world. AMERICA IS GREAT. (That does not mean we couldn’t do better.)

Thanks for listening to my explanation and thank you for your business!

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