April 16, 2018
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Unique resources & shipping services when shipping to or from Hawaii

DGX Smooth Shipping to GuamDependable service in shipping and logistics for Hawaii doesn’t just happen.

You need to work at it with a long-term dedication. That’s why DHX–Dependable Hawaiian Express has committed so much in resources and investments in the Hawaii market. Not just on Oahu, but on the outer-islands, as well, where our transit times are as much as four days faster. Faster time means lower overall shipping costs to Hawaii as it will likely result in faster sales for you.

With company-owned terminals, equipment and staff; we have much more control over your shipments than competing freight shippers to or from Hawaii. It’s easier and more efficient. From the shipper’s door in shipping containers to Hawaii, to your facilities, you are dealing with one company. That’s us at DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express.

We have the flexibility to meet your specific needs every time because we deliver your freight within 48 hours of its availability an amazing 98% of the time!  If you don’t believe us, please feel free to track every shipment for yourself.

Whether you use us for ocean, air, trucking, storage and distribution, eastbound or for project cargo; when you call DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express, you are talking to our experienced team of employees, eliminating the middleman for quicker answers and faster solutions to your shipping needs.

Feel free to call us today at 800.488.4888.

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