November 22, 2013
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If you live in the USA, you could be driving down the road and see that sign that states “Adopt -A-Highway.” Haven't you wondered how you do this, what it takes, what civic responsibilities you have to perform when you adopt?  Having just lived through this experience, we feel great about it and want to share our experience!

Our “Highway” adoption was coordinated by “Adopt-A-Highway” and recommended by the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce - both a pleasure to work with. The street we adopted gets cleaned once a month.

We have adopted a very busy section of Pacific Coast Highway in a very popular/populated area.  We feel a sense of ownership and civic pride. Just like the wonderful feeling my wife and I have had adopting plenty of pets over the years. You may know that Long Beach is a great port city, the center of a whirlwind of ocean shipping and freight forwarding companies. It’s where we live and work. Hundreds of millions have been invested in renovating the downtown area of Long Beach.  It is clean, beautiful, and a wonderful place to live.

We are bubbling over and proud of the fact that one of our companies, Dependable Global Express (DGX) is doing its civic duty by "Adopting -A-Highway," in Southern California. Hopefully some of you will see our sign, and the cleaner highway ahead! Now if we can only make it through those teenage years...

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