November 2, 2016
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Shipping to and from Hawaii with one of our best assets: Promoting from within

In our last blog post, we discussed the contributions of Ralph Merolla, our previous Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express, one of The Dependable Companies. With Ralph’s retirement, we say Mahalo and Aloha for his service, even though we will still be working with Ralph in a Sales Guru Emeritus position.

David Bartelt has been promoted to move into Ralph’s position and we feel great about his taking over! David has been with DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express over 18 years. Prior to joining us, David spent roughly nine years in the trucking industry in Sales. For the first three years with DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express, David was the Director of Sales in the Los Angeles area. He spent the next five years managing both the Los Angeles and Hawaii Sales efforts.

In 2006, David was promoted to Vice President of National Accounts. We are thrilled that in August this year he was promoted to Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales, managing the Hawaii and Guam sales efforts for us.

We want to wish David the very best in his new position and good luck with the challenges it will bring!

DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express has always prided ourselves on being the best of Hawaii shipping and logistics companies. It’s because of our “can-do” attitude as well as our expertise in shipping to Hawaii from the mainland (and shipping from Hawaii to the mainland) and our knowledge of the Hawaiian Islands. Those characteristics separate us from our shipping competition.

After all, it’s where we got our start in 1980, 36 years ago, before our foray into the international and global shipping arena as DGX - Dependable Global Express. DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express is still our heartbeat.

Whether you ship to Hawaii or you ship to Guam, we’re all about shipping it right!

We’re Dependable. From Start to Finish.

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