April 28, 2013
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One Company for All Your Hawaii/Guam Shipping Needs

When shipping freight to Hawaii and/or Guam, as a business owner or professional you always think about the long term repercussions of who you select as your shipping company. Your considerations should include asking certain questions, depending on your needs as a company and you as an individual.

Questions like:
  • Do you want a partner who cares about your business, or do you want a vendor? 
  • Do you want a company that services all three West Coast ports to Hawaii and Guam, or could you/would you want to use two service providers depending on what port the shipping service provider does service? 
  • Would you like a company that offers both ocean and airfreight shipping and logistical services in case you're in a pinch and need something rushed? 
  • How about a company that controls the quality of its service by owning the delivery service in all major ports in Hawaii and Guam, to ensure the quality of its service?  
  • What other items do you think you should look for? 
  • How about an ISO Certification, which gives you assurance that when shipping your cargo to either Hawaii or Guam, you can be certain that specific International Quality standards will be met? 
  • Speaking of International shipping, shouldn't your shipping company have the ability to ship from any point in the world to Hawaii or Guam? 
  • If that's not important, then is shipping eastbound from Hawaii, intra-island within Hawaii or moving your freight/shipment to Guam from Hawaii important? If you have a social conscience, what "green" actions has the freight company you deal with participated in? 
  • Do they regularly participate in charitable giving within your business community?
Lastly, on a personal note, how much time do you want to spend "babysitting" a freight forwarder? Can you book a pickup or arrange a shipment on line? Does the freight forwarder have inexpensive overland rates with great service? Can you track and trace your shipment from its inception through delivery on line?

Can you obtain a Shipping Rate Quote for Hawaii and Guam on line? In what time span? Does that forwarders website look professional; in case your Boss (if you're not an entrepreneur) wants to take a look?

There's only one company that does all the above. Guess who?

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