April 30, 2013
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Shipping to Central and South America

When DGX (Dependable Global Express) got into the Central and South America ocean freight business in 2009, we were really surprised by the competitive landscape. There were literally hundreds of Freight Forwarders, thousands maybe, all doing the same basic thing – shipping your LCL (Less-than-ContainerLoad) product into Miami and then moving it from Miami down to the applicable port/country.

We started planning, looking around, and then realized that maybe we were looking at the markets the wrong way. The alternative, as presented to us, was that we should be shipping ocean freight off the West Coast into the West Coast of Central and South America – and using Panama as “our Miami” for East Coast Latin America destined shipments.

We wish we could claim this as our idea, but we cannot. Another freight company used to do this but unfortunately unsuccessfully after a good ten year run, for a multitude of reasons.

The two men that had operated that company, and were in the process of winding it down, came to speak with us. Their ideas made sense, and DGX/DAX/DHX – Dependable Hawaiian Express has always believed in experimentation to grow our business. So, after mulling it over, we decided to offer the two principals positions at our company setting up and starting a Latin America division.

How has it worked out? Fabulously! We are unique – others may offer one destination off the West Coast to a port somewhere in Latin America, but nobody does it like we do. We have a very unique product in the way that we ship to Latin America – we ship West Coast (Southern California) USA to West Coast Latin America for multiple destinations. We do it for all LCL and FCL (Full Container Load) business.

Our shipping advantages, based on our West Coast service, includes:
  • We have an all water service – West Coast to West Coast – this means much less handling of the product, and probably less claims than ocean shipping through Miami
  • We have better frequency in sailings
  • We have much better transit times than the option via Miami
  • Coupling the above two items with less handling involved than trucking to Miami, and you have much lower costs because the trucking and rehandling to Miami is eliminated, as well as superior routing

Even those manufacturing in Mexico are finding it easier to ship their product to Los Angeles and move their ocean freight off the West Coast. Simpler, cleaner, less expensive.

Our streamlined shipping process should be enough without even discussing the additional fine qualities DGX brings into the mix in shipping to Central and South America: the Dependable Companies have been in business for 60+ years, DGX is ISO 9008-2001 Certified, and a member of CT-PAT and Smartway. Our culture is one of quality and integrity. Check our website for sailing schedules. We cover eight different destinations directly, plus a host of others via Panama.

We are Dependable. From Start to Finish.

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