October 13, 2016
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Shipping to and from Hawaii with one of our best assets: Ralph Merolla

If you are deciding which vendor to use for shipping to Hawaii or for your shipping to Guam, you are probably already aware of who DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express is and what we do. As a leader in Hawaii shipping and Guam shipping, we did not start as the largest or best freight company, but from our incorporation in 1980 until today, we've earned those platitudes.

A large part of the reason is our people. One of our best, Ralph Merolla, who is and has been an integral part of how we got to where we are today, is semi-retiring in a couple of months.

We’ll all miss him!

Ralph Merolla came to DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express when we acquired the company he was working for in 1981. His role at that point was with the Northern California Sales department. He eventually worked his way up including roles as as Oakland Terminal Manager, Regional Terminal and Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and today, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

But here’s the important point: it didn't matter what type of customer you were. If you were shipping a container to Hawaii, delivering a smaller shipment or needing a “shipping to Hawaii cost,” Ralph always stepped in to help, looking for creative ways to help you minimize shipping and logistics costs. All this with an eye to helping you grow your business.

He eventually helped build the DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express infrastructure and special culture that provides the same excellent service with the same positive attitude today.

Ralph is one of the top members of our management team. To those that work with him or for him, Ralph is a great mentor, coach, and friend.

In 34 years we have never heard him raise his voice. We have only heard him make positive remarks unless he was requested to give his opinion on something. At which point he was honest.

He never seemed to have any ulterior motives; the actions he took were taken with the company’s best interest at heart. He’s DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express through and through. His responses to questions over the years, plus training, coaching and mentoring, have left a permanent imprint on our culture and who we are.

Ralph will still be working with us, but in a reduced role in his semi-retirement. We are thrilled that he will still assist our customers and us.

That being said, these are huge shoes he leaves to fill, and Ralph’s successor has some catching up to do! After all, his replacement has only been with us 18+ years and is still wet behind the ears.

We’ll miss you Ralph!

Thank you for all your years of service and for making us the winner we are today!

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