November 20, 2017
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Insights on shipping rates to Guam

DHX Shipping Rates to GuamWhen shipping to Guam, finding the lowest shipping rates and prices to Guam do not always add up to savings. Other facets that should be considered in rate savings include:

  • How long your shipment will take to arrive to Guam
  • How quickly the shipment will clear Customs
  • How soon the shipment will deliver on Guam
Though you might not suffer direct out-of-pocket costs when figuring out shipping rates to Guam, consider how much money may be lost by not having the shipment in your customer’s hands in the shortest amount of time possible. If it’s not in your warehouse, you can’t deliver it. If it’s not on the shelf they cannot sell it.

The possible loss of time can cause delays on a job with workers standing by idle or machinery down waiting for parts and not making money. Or worse, your customer elects to buy from another vendor because the product is taking too long to get there.

Another consideration is cash flow. The sooner the customer receives the product, the sooner you will be paid, reducing the time between when you are paid for the product and when you received you’re reimbursed.

By using our sister company to ship to and from Guam, DGX – Dependable Global Express, you get the latest shipping cut offs for weekly sailings to Guam, with expedited Customs clearance and delivery of shipments within 48 hours of container availability at the port.

When thinking of shipping to Guam, contact us for an affordable rate quote!

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