February 19, 2020
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What do I need to consider when shipping a container to Hawaii?

DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express key factors when shipping a container to HawaiiThe key factors to keep in mind when shipping a container to Hawaii are:

  • The zip code of origin
  • The zip code of destination
  • A concise description of what is being loaded in the container
  • The total weight of the items
  • Most importantly, will your shipment fill an entire container (Full Container Load or FCL) or can your cargo be consolidated with other shippers (Less than Container Load or LCL) to maximize the load and minimize the cost?

Unless your freight is utilizing more than 80% of the inside of the container, you should consider shipping as an LCL to Hawaii, saving you both time and money. Vital considerations that an experienced shipping company can help you with.

If you need help determining how to ship your cargo to Hawaii, please consider the experts at DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express. With 40+ years of experience getting cargo to and from Hawaii, our team of dedicated professionals are available to consult with to ensure your shipment is handled properly, getting it there intact and on time.

To find out more about how DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express and our sister company, Dependable Supply Chain Services, can help expedite your shipment to or from Hawaii, call us today at  800.488.4888, or contact your local office here.

We’d like to prove to you how we can help you navigate the waters to get the best value and service for your goods!

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