October 24, 2018
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Reducing the cost of shipping to Hawaii

DHX Reducing the Cost of Shipping to HawaiiLast month we discussed key factors pertaining to shipping rates to Hawaii and what drives those costs. Now we’d like to help our customers with ideas on how to reduce the shipping cost to Hawaii.

Here are some suggestions:
  1. Reduce damages
    When building your pallets keep freight inside the pallet dimensions, avoid overhang, shrink wrap well and keep the height to a manageable level. Freight travels many miles and handled by forklifts when loaded into trailers and ocean containers along with other freight. Well-built pallets help eliminate damages, the labor cost of filing claims and replacement. Time is money when considering the cost to ship to Hawaii.
  2. Consolidate
    When possible consolidate your freight to eliminate extra pickup and delivery charges. The more freight you ship may also help reduce your costs.
  3. Accurate Information
    When requesting pricing or getting quotes for your shipping to Hawaii, ensure your information is detailed and accurate. Quotes are only as good as the information you provide so make sure you measure and weigh your freight accurately. Nobody wants to go back and increase rates to their customer, so it’s important to do it right the first time when determining how much to ship.
  4. Warehousing
    DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express has broken ground on our new state of the art warehouse in Honolulu with a completion date of April 2019. Warehousing freight for quicker distribution to your customer and avoiding the need for airfreight or lost business due to slow turnaround times, are other options to consider when determining your overall Hawaii shipping rates.
We pride ourselves on building long-term partnerships with our customers, serving as consultants in the spirit of “Ohana” – Hawaiian for family.

DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express looks forward to being your shipping partner to the Hawaiian Islands. To get a rate quote today, please visit either our LCL Quick Rate Quoter online for shipments to Hawaii, use our more detailed online rate quote requestor for all shipments to or from Hawaii, or contact one of our qualified rate analysts today. Mahalo.

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