June 5, 2015
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Welcome Aboard Pasha!

DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express just wants to say “Welcome aboard” to the new container shipping services that Pasha Group is bringing to the Hawaiian Islands.

It’s our perspective that Horizon Lines as a publicly-held company was desperately trying to increase their market share, however they did not understand the importance of making a profit for shareholders. It’s our genuine hope that Pasha Group will help stabilize and bring sensibility to the shipping trade to Hawaii regarding pricing and long-term survival.

Our fingers are crossed that Pasha Group did not pick up the “bad apples” Horizon Lines had accumulated in management along the way. With that management group in place and sales and pricing suspect, Horizon Lines could not make a profit and eventually went out of business. No one should subject themselves to an unstable, unprofitable model with the potential to afflict themselves with the same infection.

That being said, best of luck to you, Pasha Group!

We believe that you coming to Hawaii is a very positive development for all!

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