April 8, 2014
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A Clean House

In our various offices and freight facilities, our standards have always included having/keeping a clean house, and ensuring it’s kept as clean as possible on a continuing basis. It’s an issue of pride in what we do, how we do it and our image in doing so. We want to be the best in everything we touch or are involved with. That’s why we were so happy with the results of a recent audit we had performed on us as part of our ongoing commitment to meet our food shipping customers’ needs.

The audit, called “Distribution Center Food Safety and Quality Systems Audit” received a 96.7 score out of a possible 100 points, indicating an outstanding outcome. Our operations management and systems management really have pulled together to ensure, on a consistent, continuous basis, we are taking appropriate measures to keep our facility clean and are surpassing current food shipping standards. This audit is performed annually at the request of certain customers, using an independent, outside third party with expertise in food handling and warehousing, and we are delighted with the results. To all of our Associates reading this - way to go! Thank you.

The audit was performed by Silliker, Inc., a Merieux NutriSciences Company, who works as a third party consultant in the food industry performing audits like the one performed for DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express. A copy of the audit is available upon request by email: cammie.laster@dhx.com.

This is another way we like to point out the “Dependable Difference” to our Customers. Thank you for your support and your business!

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