Help Reduce Homelessness in Hawaii

The “Beard for Buck$” campaign was developed to raise money for every inch of beard grown by President Brad Dechter of DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express during the construction of our new Honolulu facility, hopefully being completed by April, 2019 (Grand Opening of our new warehouse in Honolulu, HI). Visit our Facebook page to view monthly progress of the Beard for Buck$ warehouse build.

Our primary goal is to help reduce homelessness in Honolulu through the provision of charitable donations from a group of DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express partners and friends. It initially started as a campaign with our partners, but others have now joined in, and we have now opened the campaign to everyone who would like to help contribute to our community cause!

Your contribution supports diverse organizations involved, but specifically for the homeless outreach programs in Honolulu. Your involvement and donations can be in any increments including $1 or more per inch and/or specific pledges of your choice (one-time donation, etc.)

For the Beard for Buck$ campaign, select and donate to an organization of your choice:

We hope that you join us in this fun, yet charitable cause, MAHALO!