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  1. DHX – Dependable Hawaiian Express Becomes Certified “Green” Carrier

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  • What is included in the cost to ship to Hawaii?

DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express' cost to ship to HawaiiDo shipping costs into Hawaii seem high? Ever wonder why?

Moving freight from the mainland into the Hawaiian Islands is a detailed and complex venture and unlike moving ground freight within the continental United States. It doesn't have to be difficult if you understand the cost to ship into Hawaii and use a trusted, experienced and quality freight forwarder like DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express.

DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express has been moving freight into the Hawaiian Islands since 1980, and does handle both LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) ocean and air freight. The cost to ship into Hawaii is driven by several key factors. One would be the distance as well as the majority of freight moves via ocean vessel or the more expensive option of air. Currently, there are only two ocean carriers that move freight from the mainland into Hawaii. Think supply and demand.

Consider the steps and labor cost of picking up freight, handling and reloading into ocean containers, trucking to port, handling at the port to reload onto ocean vessels, then departing with a minimum of four to five days over water in transit to Hawaii, off-loading of containers onto chassis at the port, trucking back to a terminal for unloading of freight. Then reloaded on to box trucks or flatbeds for delivery. Your shipment finally ends up at your customer’s door which may or may not have a dock, forklift or even a pallet jack so additional labor could be required at time of delivery. Sound expensive?

Let's review a few more items that drive the cost of shipping into Hawaii. The amount of fuel required to move these large vessels and cost of fuel. There’s limited land space in Hawaii along with the cost of warehouse buildings and labor in Hawaii. Intra-island movement of freight and all the logistical support of making sure your freight arrives on time. Then, last, but not least, there's the Jones Act which ensures American built and crewed vessels call on Hawaii.

Additional points to consider when evaluating the cost of shipping into Hawaii are the key parts that make up pricing. The Hawaii tariff is expansive and detailed with many items to consider that could impact the cost of the type of commodities you want to ship and the pricing. Where is the freight originating from? Is it picked up locally near the ports or does it originate back east therefore incurring additional cost? What is the cube, weight, and density of your freight along with exact and specific commodities? Yes, it makes a difference in your pricing.

The more data and information shared during pricing discussions with your carrier will vastly improve your ability to obtain better rates so be open to communicating when you're asked numerous questions concerning freight characteristics. You may want and receive options and help in reducing your costs on shipping.

Other items to consider that drive up the cost of shipping to Hawaii are hazardous materials, over length freight, out of gauge, and any special pickup, handling, or delivery requirements.

There are many factors and things to consider when working on the cost to ship to Hawaii so make sure you work with an asset based, well qualified ocean and air provider like DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express when making your transportation decisions.

We specialize in Hawaii and make shipping easy and cost efficient! Contact us today for a free rate quote.

  • Shipping to Guam?

DHX – Dependable Hawaiian Express’ affiliate, DGX - Dependable Global Express, is your best option for shipping to Guam. We use the most experienced and knowledgeable personnel and partners in the shipping industry to ensure your transportation is easy and less stressful from start to finish.

Our services to help run your business more efficiently and save you money include:

Some of the benefits that differentiate us from our competitors:
  • DGX is the only forwarder that offers the latest West Coast port cut-offs to ship to Guam
  • We are committed to a 48-hour delivery to your door, starting when your shipment is available in the port
  • You have a wide range of electronic notification choices such as an arrival notice two weeks before your freight arrives in Guam
  • Conveniently, we also offer website tracking and tracing
Always looking after your best interest, we work to find the most cost-effective way to move your freight from point A to point B. So next time you think about shipping to Guam, contact us for assistance with quotes, shipment routing, local trucking, etc.

DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express and DGX - Dependable Global Express.
We are Dependable. From start to finish!


  • Shipping from Hawaii to mainland

DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express' Oahu officeDHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express, located in Honolulu on Oahu has been shipping eastbound from Hawaii to the US mainland for over 20 years. We have gained the expertise necessary to ensure our customers are happy with the type of eastbound service offerings as well as the quality of our services offered.

Our eastbound shipments represent a microcosm of the Hawaiian Islands: our ocean containers are loaded with “Made in Hawaii” products such as beer, barbecue sauces, coffee, clothes, water, etc. Shipping these products to the USA mainland allows the Hawaiian islands to spread Aloha throughout the Continental United States. Additionally, we also relocate the property of those moving to the mainland as well as the returning of retail merchandise being rejected or/and returned to the seller or a third party.

We offer twice weekly service from the outer Hawaiian islands to Oahu, where the goods/merchandise are transshipped to Oahu and then combined with those items starting the journey in Oahu to the mainland. The containers in Oahu are loaded weekly to come back to the continental United States. Our weekly service for Long Beach and Oakland (and if necessary Seattle) sails to the Port of Long Beach. Our Seattle barge service sails every other week. Freight shipped into Los Angeles and Seattle gets trucked to its ultimate consignee or picked up at our Rancho Dominguez facility, near Long Beach, by the consignee or their agent. The carrier used is dependent on the type of facility and equipment available to handle the goods that the consignee requires.

Because the goods are starting their trip within a state of the USA, there are no customs requirements for these goods to enter the continent.

We realize some customers are not in a rush for goods so we offer a slower, less expensive barge service to the Pacific Northwest. We also use this service to receive freight destined to Alaska as most customers’ shipping to Alaska are not in a rush, and generally choose this routing to Seattle ultimately for Alaska.

However, when a customer is really in a rush to get goods to the mainland, we offer to expedite a portion of their order via DGX Air and load the remaining part of the shipment into one of our weekly ocean containers.

We have dedicated eastbound coordinators on Oahu, Maui and in Kona whose customer service is second to none. DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express is constantly finding solutions for both first-time shippers and our consistent, long-term customers.

We take pride in what we do, and we try to do it better than anyone else!

Dependable. From start to finish.

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